Is dental gold worth anything? Find out how much gold is in dental gold: a guide for buying and selling dental gold in Chicago

Where to sell dental gold in Chicago, IL - Royal Jewelers & LoansSometimes, people bring in dental gold to sell or pawn and ask, "how much is dental gold worth?". While usually not marked, dental gold ranges from 10k up to 17k or 18k. Depending on age of the dental gold, the alloy may contain gold mixed with tin, silver, copper, platinum and/or palladium.

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Removing dental gold from false teeth. It is actually very common for customers to sell us unwanted, broken or scrap dental gold.

How many karats is dental gold?

Dental gold is usually 17k or 18k, but ranges from 10k and up. We can test your dental gold and tell you the karat.


Royal Pawn Shop buys dental gold.

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Pawn Loans:
APR as low as 36% to 240%
You may choose a loand period from 90 days to up to one year.
Loan may be repaid at any time with penalties.
A 3% to 17% storage fee will apply.

For example, a $100 loan taken out for 90 days would require a repayment of $160.

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